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Haley Zelenka: Committed to Professional Service in Her Community

Haley Zelenka, a legal professional who is passionate about serving both professionally and personally in her community, is a native of the Gulf Coast. Staying firmly rooted in her home state, Zelenka has worked in Mississippi for her entire career and is currently a healthcare attorney in Gulfport.

She has successfully applied her skills in legal research, litigation, and legal writing throughout her career. She also has some notable accomplishments in her personal life and contributed the story of her health journey to a book.

Haley Zelenka's Legal Career and Service

As she is committed to public service, Zelenka devotes most of her time to providing legal guidance and expertise in the healthcare industry. She also spends much of her free time providing pro bono work in the family law sector. During her career she has worked on complex, high-profile family law cases.

Zelenka has a strong passion for child advocacy, as well as the protection of public interests and civil rights. Formerly an attorney for an adoption agency, Zelenka remains in close touch with many of the families and children with whom she has interacted throughout her career.

The following are some highlights from Haley Zelenka's legal career within the healthcare sector:

She has held two subsequent positions (vice president general counsel and vice president assistant counsel) for Memorial Hospital at Gulfport in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Currently at Memorial Hospital in Gulfport, Zelenka is vice president general counsel. In that key position, she assures adherence to corporate compliance and HIPAA functions. She also oversees contract management.

In addition, Zelenka provides legal counsel to the administrative team on various operational concerns. Those areas include recurring agreements and contracts, interpretations of personnel labor laws, and other operating issues.

She worked as a staff attorney for the Eighth Chancery Court District of Mississippi.

She worked as an attorney for Boyce Holleman & Associates.

An Impressive Academic Background

When facing the decision of where to attend a college or university, Haley Zelenka chose to stay close to home. She completed all of her undergraduate and law school education in her home state of Mississippi. She graduated from Mississippi State University with a bachelor of science (B.S.) in English.

That provided an excellent foundation for her postgraduate studies, as people who study law-related topics read and write a great deal and need excellent writing skills.

After graduating from Mississippi State University, Zelenka then went on to study and obtain her juris doctorate (J.D.) from the University of Mississippi before beginning her legal career.

Career and Personal Accomplishments

It is challenging enough to pursue any career, especially one in a field so complex as law, while a person is healthy. It requires even more dedication and commitment for someone coping with serious health challenges. Yet, Zelenka has done just that.

Haley Zelenka's own serious and chronic medical struggles have resulted in her dedication to providing support in the medical and healthcare fields both personally and professionally. She has faced her challenges directly and chosen to use them to contribute something uplifting to her community.

Contributing Author and Overcoming Adversity

Zelenka was diagnosed with acromegaly, a condition resulting from a pituitary gland tumor, in 2002.

Haley Zelenka's personal story about her health struggles with acromegaly appears in the book Alone in My Universe, which was compiled by Wayne Brown. In the book, which includes stories of numerous people who have been diagnosed with the disease, Zelenka shares her own unique story of struggling with the disease. Many people have never heard of it, and it generates little awareness. Through the book, Zelenka helps to change that.

Zelenka is not one to stay on the sidelines despite coping with an illness that could have certainly slowed her down, since it affects many systems of the body and can dramatically affect a person's ability to function. Indeed, Zelenka has already accomplished more in her life than many people who have no health conditions and challenges have done.

A Personal Life of Service and Activity

Outside of work, Haley Zelenka never seems to slow down. She likes to stay busy and is actively involved in her church, including serving as lector. She has also had the honor of serving on the inaugural Board of Directors for Acromegaly Community, which is a nonprofit organization committed to helping others who have been diagnosed with that chronic disease.

Zelenka loves to travel and is mom to two rescue cats. She enjoys spending time with her family, including six nieces and nephews. She has pursued a multitude of varied activities in her community, which have included the local yacht club, running, volunteer work, and more.

Haley Zelenka strives to help others and shine her light brightly in whatever ways she can.


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